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Cadebill is a software platform for Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers, Cable Operators, and Utility companies of all sizes.

Cadebill can be implemented for any telecom operation such as Landline operators, Cellular operators, 3G services, MVNOs, cable services, ISPs, power, water, sewage, home security and other utility operations. With a single platform that caters to all operations, convergent billing for all types of services is inherently built into Cadebill.

Cadebill provides a complete telecom billing, business and operational management solution to cater to the functions of Billing, Customer Care, Provisioning and Service Fulfillment, Inventory, Operational Support (OSS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Management and many other telecom operational specific functions.

Cadebill is a flexible, programmable software platform that allows for rapid solution deployment by setting up business models, templates, data and rules. Cadebill is an open system with database APIs and web services APIs for easy integration with internal and external systems. The architecture of Cadebill requires the least time, low budget and less resources to setup and modify the system, thus providing fast time to market with lowest Total Cost of Operation (TCO).


Catalog Management provides dynamic setup of products, services and packages for an operation. This feature facilitates rapid setup of new products to quickly offer to your customers in the competitive marketplace.

The Rating Engine provides easy setup for user definable rating structures, methods and parameters for calculation of recurring charges and usage based charges.

The Rating Engine handles CDR, UDR, IPDR, and event processing from any switch or data source, with a programmable setup of rule driven templates. The scalable rating engine can process very large volumes of calls from multiple switches and gateways in near real time.

Cadebill provides convergent billing for all products and services in one single bill. All recurring charges, usage based charges, service charges, support charges, one time charges, financial charges, shop supplies and other charges can be presented in a single bill.

Customer information is collected and securely stored for billing the customer accurately for such items as customer addresses, products and services offered, rates, discounts, promotions, contracts, taxes, billing cycles and other customer preferences.

Customers can be billed on any cycle and invoices can be sent out in any customer desired format. Cadebill provides for building multiple invoice formats.

Customer financial accounting provides customer ledger, receivables and exposure reports. Integration with external financial systems is available through APIs.

Multi-provider billing allows for providing services through value added virtual network operators.

Customer Care

Customer satisfaction results from accurate billing, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), self service provisioning changes, quick resolution to billing inquiries and service issues. Cadebill provides all the functionalities for the highest customer satisfaction.

Cadebill provides a secure web portal integrated with real-time information from the billing and provisioning systems. Customers can view invoices on demand, pay for the services with a credit card or use their bank account, with automated payment schedules.

Customer Portal

The Web Cadebill module provides a secure customer portal for these functions, integrated with real-time information from the billing and provisioning system. Customers can view invoices on demand, pay for services with credit/debit cards or use bank accounts and enroll in automatic payment methods.

Self Provisioning

With hosted services such as email, hosting, unified communications, and smart phones – end users require a web based method for addition, suspension or change of services in a real time manner. Cadebill integrated provisioning in the Customer Portal provides service modifications on demand, securely from anywhere at any time.


All customer inquiries for billing, service issues, service fulfillment and any other needs are ticketed and each ticket is routed though a workflow process to the appropriate team to provide resolution. Customers can view the resolution on the tickets in the customer portal.

Operational Support System (OSS)

Provisioning and Service Delivery Platform

For successful provisioning of a customer service, multiple entities - switches, circuits, routers, gateways, out sourced services, people, processes, tools, policies, security, and the billing system - have to work in harmony with each other with automated flow of information. A disconnect between any of these elements results in delays, high costs and reduced customer satisfaction.

Cadebill provides a Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solution to connect people and systems to provide a sequential automated/controlled flow such that a customer order is provisioned in the fastest manner possible with full security and accountability. Cadebill Provisioning fully automates the provisioning wherever open APIs are available with the provisioning platforms. Billing information is automatically updated after provisioning is completed, thus providing complete integrity between provisioning and billing.

Cadebill provides a general purpose provisioning solution and a variety of platform specific plugins to link the billing system and networks. A programmable platform provides a custom development interface to rapidly integrate with any new platform.

With automated and flow through provisioning, end users can do self provisioning of the features at the on demand.

A complete automated flow through process is achieved with an Order-Entry-Provisioning-Billing process flow. The fast activation and service fulfillment cut your costs, speed service delivery and increase customer satisfaction.


Cadebill Scheduler is a back office job scheduler and job executor. A variety of recurring and automated programmatic actions are continuously executed round the clock with no supervision.

Task Management

A telecom operation has several back office processes and tasks. Different teams and systems have to work together in a collaborative manner to accomplish these series of tasks. This may be customer trouble tickets, manual provisioning, working with external vendors and partners. Cadebill eTask module provides a process oriented workflow to manage every task to a full completion. eTask is a comprehensive software platform to create and manage tasks, workflow processes, forms and fields, and for integration with other systems.


Cadebill Inventory module provides inventory management functions for all network and hardware items such as IP addresses, phone numbers, routers, gateways, circuits, etc.

The integrated solution with Cadebill Scheduler, eTask, Inventory and Provisioning and Service Fulfillment together provides a comprehensive OSS solution to any operation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Marketing, Sales and Support are the core activities for CRM. General purpose CRM solutions have no understanding of telecom business and do not have the interaction with the telecom billing system’s catalog of products, rates, contracts, setup fees, etc. It is essential to have an integrated telecom specific CRM solution so all speak the same language and terminologies without data duplication and inconsistencies.

Cadebill CRM provides an integrated solution with the billing system that uses data from the billing system such as contact information, product catalog, rates, contracts, historical revenue, profit, SLA and any other available information. A built-in workflow process designer allows your company specific process flow to be implemented for marketing and sales processes.

Cadebill CRM is an integrated flow through solution, from generating a prospect to complete setup of a customer, including network provisioning and the billing system in an automated manner.

Sales force incentive compensation is tied to customer billing and payments. The sales force is automatically compensated based on billed revenue or collected revenue either on a one time basis or on a recurring basis, on your company specific incentive plan. Cadebill provides full financial accounting of sales force compensation.

Supporting existing customers on the technical and business related issues is an ongoing need.

The Cadebill ticketing module provides the ability to create a ticket and track it through completion with a workflow process as designed for each type of ticket. Every ticket is tracked through the completion with all information and communications stored for each ticket.


Security of an enterprise system such as billing and provisioning, and protecting customer privacy is vital.

Cadebill Security provides user level security and allows setting up of users with variety of access privileges. An audit trail of user actions is also available.