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Audit & Revenue Assurance

In any business operation, cost management is of paramount importance for the survival of an operation. Constant monitoring of cost and profitability is a requirement. The cost of the operation may simply be straight forward calculation from the CDRs and other usage based events or mired in complex reciprocal arrangements. Cadebill calculates the underlying cost of a call with the setup of vendors, contracts, destinations, digits and rates on a historical basis. Cost of the call is calculated along with the price of the call. The profitability and the quality of service (QoS) is then used as a barometer for routing the call.

Vendor Management

Cadebill CRM provides an integrated solution with billing system that uses billing system contact information, product catalog, rates, contracts, historical revenue, profit, SLA and all other information. Built-in workflow process designer allow your company specific flow to be implemented for marketing and sales processes. On completion of sales cycle, the order flow into provisioning systems, configuring network components and setup of billing system can be setup in an automated flow through manner. Cadebill CRM is an integrated flow through solution from a prospect to complete setup of a customer including provisioning and billing.