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Cadebill offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing interconnect operations of all sizes. The solutions and their powerful features are listed below:

Carrier Billing

  • Catalog Management: Products, services and packages of an operation are defined and modified as necessary.
  • Rate Management and Rating Engine: Easy setup for user definable rating structures, methods and parameters for calculation of recurring charges, usage based charges, ad-hoc charges, material and service charges.
  • Customer Management: Storing and managing the core information needed for billing the customer accurately, including customer addresses, products and services offered, rates, discounts, promotions, contracts, taxes, billing cycles and other customer preferences.
  • CDR, UDR, IPDR, and Event Processing: Rate all calls, usages and events from any switch or a data source, with a programmable set up of templates. Cadebill can process very large volume of calls from multiple switches on a near real time.
  • Call rating based on bilateral commitments, swaps, reciprocal arrangements, volume discounts and any other agreements.
  • Rating the calls based on customer time zones and currencies.
  • Destinations and digit management.
  • Billing based on US LATA, geographic locations,and carrier codes:  Multiple rating methods are available where rating is not based the dialed digits, but by the geographic locations or the carrier completed the call.
  • Unified billing: In addition to the calls, carriers may have fixed recurring costs and one-time costs. Reconciliation of bilateral arrangements, volume discounts and other discounts may have to be done on a historical basis. Cadebill provides a unified billing of all the items in a single bill.
  • Multiple invoice cycles and invoice formats: Customers can be billed on any cycle and invoices can be sent out in any format desired by the customer. Cadebill provides for building multiple invoice formats and setting a default format for a customer.
  • Customer Financial Accounting: The core of a billing system is to provide a customer ledger listing all transactions on a historical basis. Customers are debited when the invoices are posted. Payments from a customer through bank accounts, credit card, and direct payments are entered into the system and customers are credited.
  • Multi provider billing: When an end customer is served through multiple carriers, a service to a customer can be billed for every provider involved.

Vendor Management and Auditing

In an interconnect operation, cost management is of paramount importance for the survival of an operation. Constant monitoring of cost and profitability is a requirement. The cost of the calls may be simply straight forward calculation or mired in complex reciprocal arrangements. Cadebill calculates the underlying cost of a call with the setup of vendors, contracts, destinations, digits and rates on a historical basis. Cost of the call is calculated along with the price of the call. The profitability is then used as a barometer for routing the call.

Vendor auditing and reconciliation provides a method to accurately calculate the bill amount due to a vendor grouped by destinations for every rate change period. The actual vendor bills can be input into the system and the discrepancies between vendor bills and audited cost can be disputed destination by destination. The amounts as resolved may then be applied and closed out.

Carrier buying and selling

Interconnect Routing Engine

Breakout Management

In an interconnect environment, breakout management and the digits that make up a breakout is complex in nature. A country may be sold in multiple ways, depending on customer size and preference.  Cadebill manages multiple ways of breaking out a country with “country sets” and “sell cases” and provides a unique method or pricing a customer based on the sell case. A sell case is the actual composition of the digits that make up a breakout.

Smart Rater

In interconnect operations, providing rate changes to a customer for every destination on a daily basis is a large volume, complex task. Cadebill provides all the tools to manage this complexity. Cadebill provides the intelligence and tools to view customer traffic, destinations and digits, customer traffic pattern, customer revenue and profit by destination, lookup vendors in routing, vendor digits and rates – and come up with optimal suggested pricing. Suggested pricing is based on your company policies and rules as to how much margin is expected on a destination.

All of the rate and digit changes are then synchronized with customer rating tables and customers are notified via email and/or fax with all the changes automatically. Multiple rate and digit notifications are available in any format with setup of templates. A customer is notified with appropriate format as defined in the chosen template.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

In interconnecting with other carriers for call termination, routing the calls to the vendors with low rates and good quality is a core necessity. Cadebill provides optimized call routing with two different solutions: Cadebill Pre-determined routing solution and Real time routing solution.

Cadebill Pre-determined routing solution provides near real time routing for TDM and VoIP networks with complex calculations involving several routing methods: Least cost routing, Digit level routing, Quality based routing, Profitability based routing, No loss routing, Capacity based routing, Multiple switch routing, and any combination of any these methods. Cadebill has sound algorithms to provide in depth routing to balance cost, quality, revenue and profitability.

The calculated routing results are then automatically uploaded to the appropriate switch in your network, using switch specific interfaces.

Multiple routing methods can be setup with routing templates. A template may be setup for each switch, product quality, a customer or combination thereof. Read More ...

Cadebill Real time routing solution provides real time routing for VoIP networks. The real time routing provides complete control on each call level at the time of the call.
Read More ...

Service Quality and Quantity Management

Consistent top service quality differentiates the leader from the crowd. Constant monitoring of the quality and quantity indicates the underlying pulse of the service provided, customer satisfaction and company health. Continuous monitoring of quality and quantity of all services and taking a proactive approach in resolving any issues is the secret of any successful business. Cadebill Service analysis module continuously monitors the quality and quantity, performs analytical processing (OLAP) and provides the Business Intelligence (BI) to compute the Service Level Agreements (SLA) provided to the customer and received from the vendors. Several qualities that are calculated as part of CDR processing include ASR, ABR, ALOC, PDD, Jitter, Latency etc.

Cadebill provides integration with third party call testing equipment to provide automated testing for the quality of the calls. The quality is used as an input for routing decisions.

Financial analysis

Analyzing the revenue, cost of the revenue, profitability, and performance by products, company divisions, line of business and other dimensions on daily basis or on a historical basis is an important aspect in managing a telecom business. Cadebill financial analysis module provides the Business Intelligence (BI) into the fiscal condition of every segment of the telecom business. In an interconnect environment, financial exposure between partners is a key measure for risk mitigation. Cadebill continuously evaluates the financial exposure with the partners.

Ticketing, Task management

A telecom operation has several back office Processes and tasks. Different teams and systems have to work together in a collaborative manner to accomplish a series of tasks. This may be customer trouble tickets, manual provisioning, and working with external vendors and partners. The Cadebill eTask module provides a process oriented workflow to manage every task to a full completion. eTask is a comprehensive software platform to create and manage tasks, workflow processes, forms and fields, and for integration with other systems.


Cadebill Scheduler is a back office job scheduler and job executor. With this module, a variety of recurring automated programmatic actions are continuously executed round the clock with no supervision. Scheduler is also a monitoring tool and generates alarms and notifications on the various sub sections of the entire system.