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Cadebill is a software platform for Telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, Cable Operators, and Utility companies of all sizes.

Cadebill can be implemented for any telecom operation such as Telecom Wholesale Carrier Operations, Telecom landline operators, Cellular operators, MVNOs, cable services, ISPs, power, water, sewage, home security, other utility operations, corporate/tenant telecom infrastructure management and usage auditing and billing. With a single platform that caters to all operations, convergent billing for all types of services is inherently built into Cadebill.

Cadebill provides complete telecom billing, business and operational management solutions to cater to the functions of Billing, Customer Care, Cost Management, Provisioning and service fulfillment, Inventory, Least Cost Routing, Wholesale Interconnect Carrier operations, Operational Support System (OSS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Management and other specialized telecom operational specific functions.

Cadebill is a flexible programmable software platform that allows for rapid deployment by setting up business models, templates, data and rules. Cadebill is an open system with database APIs and web services APIs for easy integration with an open system. The architecture of Cadebill requires the least time, low resources and budget to setup and modify the system, thus providing fast time to market with lowest Total Cost of Operation (TCO).


Telecom billing

Billing forms the core module of the Cadebill solutions suite. As the central point of control, billing manages the core business information such as product catalog management, customer management, rate management, CDR processing, customer taxation and customer financial accounting. Cadebill core billing engine provides unparalleled flexibility to setup any kind of product, tax rules, user defined contract templates that can manage any business operations involving event based charges and ad-hoc charges. Read More...

Customer Care

Customer service

Customer satisfaction results from accurate billing, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), self service web provisioning changes, quick resolution to billing inquiries and service troubles. Web Cadebill provides a secure customer portal for all of these functions, integrated with real-time information from the billing and provisioning system. The self provisioning function supports customers in making changes to services like email, hosting, communications, and smart phones. Read More...

Operational Support System (OSS)

Operational Support Systems(oss)

Business such as a telecom operation has several network elements with equipments from various providers. Switches, circuits, routers, gateways, outsourced services, people, processes, tools, policies, security, packages/rates and the billing system have to work in harmony with each other to ensure an automated flow of information. Read More...

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship

Marketing, Sales, and Support activities are the core activities for CRM. General purpose CRM systems have no interaction with the Billing system catalog of products, rates, setup fees etc. It is essential to have an integrated CRM so that all speak the same language and terminologies without data duplication and inconsistencies. Read More...

Audit and Revenue Assurance

Audit & Revenue Assurance

Cadebill calculates the underlying cost of a call with the setup of vendors, contracts, destinations, digits and rates on a historical basis. Cost of the call is calculated along with the price of the call. The profitability and the quality of service (QoS) is then used as a barometer for routing the call.

Data Mediation

Mediation engine

The Cadebill mediation engine provides a comprehensive set of tools. Collect and validate CDRs from any upstream source, in any format. Correlate and segment different input source CDRs.Aggregation of partial CDRs related to one master CDR. Transform mediation data with user defined templates, user defined rules Read More...

Call Routing

Digital routing

Cadebill Digit Level Routing provides the deepest mining of the digits. Routing for a country may be specified at any depth. The deeper routing provides the highest profitability for every call. Cadebill also provides a static routing – where pre-defined digits are statically grouped. Cadebill provides best available routing for the static defined routes. Read More...

Real Time Call Routing

Real time call routing

Call routing has become complex in nature with a high level of competition. The price per minute of the call has decreased dramatically over the last few years and profit margin on a call is very small. The decreased revenue, reduced profit margin, increased competition, and number portability requires innovative routing solutions. Read More...

Business Intelligence

Service quality

Service Quality and Quantity Management

Cadebill Service analysis module continuously monitors quality and quantity, performs analytical processing (OLAP) and provides the Business Intelligence (BI) to compute the Service Level Agreements (SLA) provided to the customer and received from the vendors. Read More...

Financial Analysis

The financial analysis module also offers a robust reporting dashboard with drill down functionality, charting functionality, unique grouping and filtering functionality, providing users with the accurate, critical data required to effectively manage the entire business. Read More...

Hosted or Licensed model Solutions

saas model

Cadebill is available either as hosted (SaaS) model or licensed model. Either model may fit your operation depending on the size and the scope of your operation.

A comprehensive solution for any size

Cadebill is a scalable solution and is appropriate for companies of all sizes, from startup to very large carriers.

Cadebill is a comprehensive solution to manage all areas of telecom business, eliminating multi-vendor solutions. This greatly reduces the risk associated with multiple systems, decreases the total cost of ownership, and operates in a very lean and productive environment. Read More...