OSS :: Cadebill

Provisioning and Service Delivery Platform

A telecom operation has several network elements with equipment from various providers.  Switches, circuits, routers, gateways, outsourced services, people, processes, tools, policies, security, packages/rates and the billing system have to work in harmony with each other with automated flow of information.  A disconnect between any of these elements results in delays, high costs and reduced customer satisfaction.

Cadebill provides a Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solution to connect people and systems to provide a sequential automated/controlled flow such that a customer order is provisioned in a the fastest manner possible with full security and accountability.  Cadebill provisioning fully automates the provisioning wherever open APIs are available with the provisioning platforms.  Billing information is automatically updated after provisioning is completed, thus providing complete integrity between provisioning and billing.


Cadebill provides a general purpose provisioning solution and a variety of platform specific plug-ins to bridge the billing system and networks. A programmable platform provides a custom development interface to rapidly integrate with any new platform.

Customers can do self-provisioning of the features at the device level, add or remove services appropriate to the products or packages on their setup.

A complete automated flow through process is achieved with Order-Entry Provisioning-Billing process flow. The fast activation and service fulfillment cut your costs, speed service delivery and increase customer satisfaction.


Cadebill Scheduler is a back office job scheduler and job executor. With this module, a variety of recurring and automated programmatic actions are continuously executed round the clock with no supervision. Scheduler is also a monitoring tool and generates alarms and notifications on the various sub sections of the entire operation. Some of the key functions that are automated using Scheduler include:

  • Ability to automate retrieval of CDR, UDR, IPDR and any other event based records from any switch or external data source.
  • Ability to load, validate and process the CDRs using the rating engine in a near real time fashion.
  • Provide the data at regular intervals needed for reporting and business intelligence tools such as the OLAP engine.
  • Provide the data at regular intervals needed for processes implemented using Cadebill Business Process Management (BPM) workflow such as "collection" process that controls the business process of customers with outstanding balances.


  • Generate and apply recurring charges to customer accounts for the product and services that are charged on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Generate invoices for customer accounts based on their billing cycles.
  • Draft payments from credit cards, bank accounts for customers enrolled in automatic payment plan.
  • Push the invoices to Web Cadebill and notify customers via email when invoices are available in the customer portal.
  • Ability to use Cadebill APIs for integration with external systems and automate the task at frequent intervals.

Scheduler notifies the administrator via email at the end of each job to help the administrator monitor the statuses of the tasks automated in Scheduler.

Ticketing, Task management

A telecom operation has several back office Processes and tasks. Often different teams and systems have to work together in a collaborative manner to accomplish series of tasks. This may be customer trouble tickets, manual provisioning, working with external vendors and partners. Cadebill eTask module provides a process oriented workflow to manage every task to a full completion. eTask is a comprehensive software platform to create and manage tasks, workflow processes, forms and fields, and for integration with other systems.


Cadebill Inventory module provides inventory management functions for all network and hardware items such as IP address, phone numbers, routers, gateways, circuits, etc.

Inventory Overview

The integrated solution with Cadebill Scheduler, eTask, Inventory and Provisioning and Service fulfillment together provides a comprehensive OSS solution to any operation.